A days work by Martin Gonzalez


I began my "real" career at the beginning of this year. This coincided with the busiest time of the year for my profession. Not only was I getting used to actually working a full time job, I had to get accustomed to a full work day spanning from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM. This was a stark contrast from the lax college days I was used to. For me, it was important I do everything I could to excel in my new career but also maintain my creative side. Which brings me to this project. At the beginning of the year I thought up of this idea where I would photograph the coastline throughout the busy season and attempt to make a single & cohesive body of work. 

In order to do this, I had to find a way to actually go out and make photos. This was easy. I worked Monday through Saturday. Naturally, Sunday became my day. For 4 months, I attempted to go out every Sunday to take photos towards this project. What I am left with is 12 images that I really feel best embody what I was going for.

When I first thought of starting this project, my mind was reeling for where to start . The first problem was figuring out where I would create photographs. It needed to be a location I can go to on a weekly basis. The beach is within a hour drive away. So the beach became my location. The next problem was what and why? The main idea of this project was photographing the relationship between the ocean and the coastline. Capturing the ocean's constant crashing onto the coast and the coast maintaining its form was crucial. I then had to find a way to relate this to myself. The idea ended up being perfect as work was ramping up and often very overwhelming. My hope was to create a project that illustrated my feeling of being overwhelmed by constant work but maintaining my hold like the coast does. 

In this project, I place photos in sequence that best represent a time in my first full work day. Each photo is captioned with a time and would then relate to a specific event. For example, the first photo being called "6:30 AM" relates to me waking up. The photo named "9:02 AM" is when I first arrived at the client. And so forth. My goal was to create a set of photos that can emit a mood and more importantly illustrate my feelings.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I really appreciate it. Photography is something I do for me and if it brings value and happiness to others, that makes me incredibly happy. I really admire anybody who takes time to delve themselves in another's passion. Because of this, the first 10 people to comment "A day's work" on the last photo I posted on Instagram (Posted on 05.22.2017) will receive this entire project in prints. I will direct message you and ship you the entire project free of charge. My Instagram @mgexposures

Here is my first project- A days work. 

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.