Hi! I'm a landscape photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. In 2014, I began carrying a camera with me while on hikes and discovered my love for photographing this wonderful earth. It is a very calming and almost meditative hobby of mine that has stemmed into this huge portion of my life. 

I now, on my own dime, travel and photograph mostly scenes that really strikes some type of emotion in me. I'm very passionate about the work I create, and I do mean create.

In my opinion, my camera is a tool in the same respect a painter's brush is their tool. I very much so am an advocate of post processing images. I feel a raw image with out some form of your input is almost like eating a meal with out seasoning! 

Thank you for visiting my page. I really do appreciate it! If you have any questions about licensing or prints, please feel free to send me an email.